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Dietary Requirements

At Benz on Miller, we take all your dietary requirements seriously. Wherever possible we will accommodate your requirements, but please let staff know ahead of time. 


The entire burger menu is gluten free when ordered on a gluten free bun. Our fried chicken and our chips are gluten free making our fryers totally safe. To avoid cross contamination we toast our buns on a different grill from the other buns. You can enjoy any of our beef, chicken or vegan burgers and our loaded fries. Ben, our founder, has a daughter who is coeliac so he understands the importance. 


We have two burgers available for vegetarians, one of which is vegan. The VG Mack is vegetarian however is not vegan. Our 'Not hamburger' is vegan, it uses a vegan patty and vegan cheese. We also have a specific vegan bun.  


Any burger without cheese ordered on our vegan bun becomes dairy free.


Our vegan buns do not contain soy, but the factory has other soy products manufactured within it. Our beef and chicken burgers are soy free, but our vegan patties are NOT - they do contain soy. 


If you have specific dietary requirements, please let our staff know. We are able to cater to nearly all allergies and requirements, with the exception of onion and garlic. 

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